Honey Extractor - 2 Frame - Manually Operated

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2 Frame Honey Extractor.

Stainless Steel Body and Cage with Plastic Honey Gate.

Perspex Removable lids.

Manually Operated.

New Design with Adjustable Height Legs.

Can stand with the top of the extractor at 90cm or 100cm above the ground.

The Chamber has a diameter of 38cm and height of 61cm.

The bottom of the chamber is higher at the centre so that honey runs towards the outside and into the honey gate.

The Honey gate has a rubber O'Ring so that it closes off securely to prevent drips.

Simply warm up the supers to about 40 deg C to make sure the honey can be spun out easily. Remove the wax cappings with a knife, available separately. Place into the extractor in the cages and spin out the honey by turning the handle. Make sure the honey gate is closed !

Open the gate to poor the honey into honey buckets ready for filtering.

Suitable for most sized frames, Including Langstroth Brood Frames - But NOT National 14" x 12" Brood Frames