2 Frame Honey Extractor Tangential

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A Plastic Honey Extractor with Lid and Honey Gate.

Approximate Dimensions: 64cm High x 40cm dia (at top)

It can take two super frames of any size or British National deep brood or Langstroth Frames.
Not 1412″

This is a tangential honey extractor and it is best to turn the handle gently and spin out halve of the honey from one side of the frame then stop and turn the frames around to spin out all the honey from the other side. Then stop again to turn the frames around again to spin out the remainder of the honey from the first side.

Simply warm up the supers to about 40 deg C to make sure the honey can be spun out easily. Remove the wax cappings with a knife or uncapping fork, available separately. Place into the extractor in the cages and spin out the honey by turning the handle. Make sure the honey gate is closed !

Open the gate to poor the honey into honey buckets ready for filtering.