Oxybee - Oxalic Acid Varroa Treatment Exp. 03/2025

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Oxybee by Veto Pharma is a medicine against Varroa destructor based on oxalic acid, suitable for organic beekeeping - Expiry date - 03/2025

Application by trickling method

1 box of 1000g (888ml) contains:

1 bottle of 750g containing 35g of oxalic acid dihydrate + glycerol
2 sachets (125g x 2) of sucrose powder with Anise and Eucalyptus essential oils

Treatment for 15 to 30 hives 5 to 6 ml between the frames with bees

Maximum of 54ml / hive


Oxybee is easy to use:

To prepare 888ml of solution (box of 1kg), beekeepers only need to mix the two sachets [of sucrose + essential oils] in the bottle [containing oxalic acid + water] and shake it well.

The oxalic acid is already dosed. No risk of wrong mixing ratio.
As the oxalic acid is already mixed in the liquid solution. There is no need to wear a respirator mask (no exposure to the oxalic acid powder).



Oxybee is applied by trickling in brood-free colonies and is suitable for organic beekeeping. The formulation is simple and economical to use: Oxybee can be stored for up to 1 year after opening in the refrigerator (2°C to 8°C). One box of 1kg allows the treatment of about 30 hives (1kg = 888 ml of liquid solution).



Increased efficacy
Convenient and efficient winter application by trickling in naturally brood-free colonies
Safe for the user, the bees and the hive products
Easy to use



The shelf-life of Oxybee in its original box is two years from the manufacturing date.
Once you have mixed the two powder sachets [sucrose + essential oils] with the oxalic acid dihydrate solution in the Oxybee bottle, you can again store the mix for an entire year inside your fridge at a temperature between 2°C and 8°C. (Keep away from food)
Before every use: Shake the bottle well. Place the bottle in a lukewarm water container (30 - 35 °C) to warm the solution and make it more pleasant for the bees