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Expiry Jan 2026

By Vita

A Pack of 10 Trays of Apigauard - enough for 5 treatments

Apiguard is a natural treatment to control Varroa Mite

It also helps to control trachael mites/ Acarine and Chalkbrood

Place an opened tray face upwards on top of the brood frames, preferably centred over the colony

Look at the try after 10 days and if it is almost empty, replace with a second tray otherwise leave for another 4 days and then replace with a second tray

Leave the second tray for a further 2-4 weeks and treatment has been completed

Works best above 15°C. However, it is also effective at lower temperatures but the gel will take longer to evaporate and will need to be left in place for longer

The active ingredient of Apiguard is thymol which is a naturally occurring substance derived from the plant thyme

Expiry Date - 01/2026